#GraphCast: “Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin’ Life”

Welcome to this week’s #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight.

Last time, our Editor-in-Chief, Bryce Merkly Sasaki, highlights the NODES 2019 keynote given by Emil Eifrem and also points you to more than 50 other valuable talks and presentations from this online conference. Don’t sleep!

Catch this week's GraphCast: Watching this entertaining presentation on graph databases and why they are life-changing.

This week, I’m going back to the basics with a classic presentation for any budding graphista, titled “Graph Databases Will Change Your Freakin’ Life.”

Ed Finkler, CTO of GraphStory at the time this was recorded, goes from the fundamentals of graph theory and the graph database to explaining why Cypher code and querying a graph database is so powerful. Also, Ed gets the award for most entertaining and captivating presentations on graphs ever.

As one YouTube commenter put it: “This talk should be everyone’s introduction to graph databases.” Indeed, it was for me.

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