GraphConnect Europe: Large-scale Graph Visualization on the Web

Visulaisation is Key

KNMIIn order to extract insights from graph databases visualisation is needed. Providing web-based interfaces to interact with large graphs though is a real challenge. Are new technologies like WebGL and web workers changing the status quo? Come to GraphConnect Europe to learn the new opportunities and challenges of large scale graph visualization on the web. Sébastien Heymann will also introduce Linkurious.js, an open source Javascript library designed for the interactive visualization of large graphs.

Sébastien is the CEO of Linkurious. He has long standing passion for democratizing network thinking. He co-founded Gephi, the leading open source software for exploring networks of all kind in 2008. Since then, he has published, written and talked extensively about the impact of graph visualization. He received his PhD in computer science in 2013 for his thesis on event detection in temporal networks.

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About GraphConnect Europe

GraphConnect is the only conference focused on the growing world of Graph Database technology. It will bring together over hundreds of graphistas from around Europe to hear from hot startups and global 2000 companies alike about how they are using graphs to power their applications. Save 30% with code “U884ICL” and get your tickets now

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