GraphConnect Europe: Managing Connected Big Data in Art with Neo4j

Big Data in Art with Neo4j

Lorenzo SperanzoniThis blog post deals with Big Data in Art with Neo4j. With the world of art as a use case, learn how to use Neo4j to do sentiment analysis, Big Data, colour analysis and recommendations. Discover how Neo4j can manage Big Data directly and how new, interesting facts can be found by identifying connections between unexpectedly linked topics.
Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by Paul Rubens to use colors like carmine, cobalt, and emerald green or that Salvador Dalí was so fascinated by Juan-Francois Millet “Angelus” to write the essay “The tragic myth of Millet’s Angelus”?
IT architects Lorenzo Speranzoni and Enrico De Benetti demonstrate the power of Neo4j to model an exploration of art and color.
Preview Neo4Art and learn more about the project.

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