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TBxV9YOmGraphConnect Europe is excited to announce the addition of a Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) session. The popular open-source library enables automatic mapping of Java domain hierarchies to and from Neo4j graphs. It has been completely re-designed to achieve maximum performance with standalone Neo4j server deployments.


Spring Data Neo4j has introduced a number of innovations, including:
  • Non-reflection based classpath scanning for much faster startup times
  • Variable-depth persistence to allow you to fine-tune requests according to the characteristics of your graph
  • Smart object-mapping to reduce redundant requests to the database, improve latency and minimise wasted CPU cycles
  • User-definable session lifetimes, helping you to strike a balance between memory-usage and server request efficiency in your applications

In this talk, Vince Bickers and Michael Hunger, the brains behind the latest version of SDN, will show how you can use this library in your next project. Get a head start by exploring Graph Aware’s sample web app, available on GitHub.
Learn more about Spring Data Neo4j 4.0 and make sure not to miss the Graph Aware team at GraphConnect!

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