GraphConnect SF: Innovate. Share. Connect.

I’m super stoked for our conference and want to tell you why!

GraphConnect, the highly successful graph database conference, returns to San Francisco on October 3 and 4, welcoming all graph database enthusiasts to explore new ideas, share innovations in graph technology, and make connections with researchers and developers from around the globe.

This year’s GraphConnect SF will include four different tutorials (including two brand new ones!), 20+ scheduled presentations, an unconference track, and a GraphClinic, all packed into two days.

The agenda is packed with great presentations from the world’s leading graph users and researchers including representatives from Neo Technology, GraphAlchemist, AtomRain, Brinqa Risk Analytics, Infoclear, Glowbl, Information Analysis and more! Some of the highlights are:

Building Hybrid Apps with Neo4j and Windows Azure
David Makogon, Sr. Cloud Architect, Microsoft
In this session, we’ll see how to deploy and configure 
Neo4j, both standalone and HA. We’ll also show how to access your Neo4j deployment from IaaS, PaaS, and Web Sites, and walk through security best practices.

The Increasing Value of Graph Visual Analysis in National Security, Public Safety, Communication Networks, and Financial Transactions
Jin Kim, Product Marketing, Tom Sawyer
In this session, we will explore the role of graph visualization in complex analysis projects such as national security, public safety, communication networks, and financial fraud.

How to search, explore and visualize Neo4j with Linkurious
Jean Villedieu, Co-founder, Linkurious
Now you can explore your data with Linkurious, a web-based graph visualization solution for Neo4j. We’ll see how everyone can use it to solve common problems like correcting errors, identifying patterns or finding and communicating insights.

Topics at GraphConnect SF include:
  • Concrete use-cases from a variety of industries and customers
    • Supply chain and master data management solutions
    • Entertainment with content, conversations and consumers
    • The many graphs of telecommunications
    • Operational and security risk management
  • Technical talks on how to implement these solutions using Neo4j
  • Delightful detours into visualization and analytics
  • Beer (especially Belgian!)
  • and the many other use cases and projects in the emerging graph database ecosystem!

GraphConnect SF is the graph database conference, focusing on graph databases and applications using connected data.

GraphConnect SF will be held at UCSF’s Mission Bay Conference Center.

This year’s conference is on Friday, October 4 and the tutorials will run on Thursday, October 3.

Register: Sign up soon since the Early Bird Pricing ends August 31.

Submit a lightning talk: We’re running an unconference session featuring lightning talks at GraphConnect SF. If you have something interesting to present in 5 minutes, submit your proposal for a lightning talk.

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See you in San Francisco in October!

Adam Herzog

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