GraphConnect 2022 Social Media Raffle

Share Your Experience. Win Prizes.

Welcome to GraphConnect! We want to reward you for your social media participation – so take your phone out and graph your experience. There will be plenty of social media-worthy opportunities inspiring you to take photos and videos and share them with your network.

Raffle Sign-up: Register here so we can get in touch with you for your prize.

Prizes: $100 and $50 Amazon gift cards

How to Participate

    • Sign up for the raffle here.
    • Share your GraphConnect experiences with your social media network – you must use hashtags #neo4j AND #graphconnect. We use these hashtags to track and tally entries.
    • Each social media post counts as one raffle entry, so the more you share the better your chances.
    • After GraphConnect concludes, social media posts will be tallied and entered into an online raffle drawing using Wheel of Names.
    • Winners will be notified via email and sent Amazon e-gift cards for $100 or $50.


    • Dates for the raffle are June 6 to June 8, 2022.
    • Posts that qualify for a raffle entry must be related to Neo4j or GraphConnect.
    • Posts must use #neo4j AND #graphconnect hashtags.
    • You must register here to qualify – registration is quick and easy.

Need Inspiration?

During GraphConnect

Keynotes’ Lightning Talks, Hands-on Workshops, and Sessions. Share learnings from graph topics that interest you the most! Snap a picture with your favorite speaker.

Expo Hall. Visit our amazing partners and sponsors and record a short video of your favorite booth.

DevZone. The DevZone is where you can let go! It’s designed for fun, relaxation, and technical chitchats. There is a t-shirt printing station, where you can choose the design of your new t-shirt. Play Jenka and control the chaos with your new friends. A sketch artist is onsite to create the portrait you can use as a profile picture or avatar. All of these activities are part of a scavenger hunt.

Escape Room. Can you graph your way out of the Escape Room? Snap pictures while playing detective.

Networking Event

Bangers Restaurant. Take pictures or videos of your friends at the one-time takeover of Bangers, a pop-up club/bar featuring graph technology, creativity, and connectivity.

Album Cover Selfie Station. With the music of The Nightowls setting the stage by performing a variety of covers, you’ll get a shot at doing a cover of your own – an album cover, that is.

LIVE Mural. A local Austin-based street artist will create a freestanding mural… LIVE! Finished work becomes the backdrop for your post on social media, so you can take selfies and gather friends for group shots.

For questions related to the raffle please contact and

Have a graphy time!

Connect with leading graph experts in person at the largest graph developer conference GraphConnect 2022 in Austin, Texas on June 6-8.

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