GraphGist Winter Challenge

Last year we had an amazing turnout for our Winter GraphGist challenge, and received more than 65 submissions across 10 categories. Many of them were truly astonishing, which made it hard for us to select the winners.

Now we want to give you again the chance to show off your graph modeling and Cypher skills. So please don’t hesitate to grab a domain or use-case that fits our criteria. Start modeling, creating data and queries right ahead.

This year we have fewer categories to make it a bit simpler for everyone.

Visit the GraphGist Winter Challenge Page for more details.

And we have a big surprise for you. In the last weeks, Brian Underwood worked hard to finish and polish the GraphGist portal which is powered by Neo4j.

It’s your best resource for finding the amazing graph data models of the Neo4j Community. You can find a representative of any domain or use-case and new ones are added daily.

Looking forward to your submissions,


Michael, Caretaker General, Neo4j Community

Without further ado, here is the Challenge Announcement:

It’s Wintertime which can only mean one thing – it’s GraphGist time!

Like last year we want to sweeten your long winter evenings with a Winter Challenge to come up with the most helpful and ingenious graph models and example queries.

This year we’re going to focus on some of the uses cases that graph databases are best suited to handle: The competition runs until end of February 22nd, We’ll then judge the entries and announce the winners.

For each of the 6 categories there will a main prize of $500 (an Amazon gift-card).

To celebrate the new challenge, we launch our GraphGist Portal. Many thanks to Kenny Bastani, May Lim and Brian Underwood for working hard on creating this amazing resource of all the great GraphGists ever submitted.

To recap, you have until EOD Pacific on February 22nd to send in your GraphGist along with the category and other details so we can contact the winners. Tweet your graphgist page with the hashtag #graphgist. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to send an email to michael at or tweet to @neo4j.

Some winners of the last years challenges participate in this year’s jury
And not to forget, kudos to Anders Nawroth, Peter Neubauer and Michael Hunger for conceiving the concept of GraphGists.

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