Graphistania Podcast: Authors Discuss Graph Databases For Dummies

Check out this podcast on the Graph Databases For Dummies book.

Rik Van Bruggen invited special guest, Dr. Jim Webber, on a Graphistania podcast session to chat about Graph Databases For Dummies, a recently published book they co-authored.

Graph Databases For Dummies, Neo4j Special Edition, is the first book Rik and Jim worked on together. Prior to this book, Rik Van Bruggen has written Learning Neo4j and runs the Graphistania podcast regularly, and Dr. Jim Webber has co-authored Graph Databases published by O’Reilly Media.

In this podcast, they had fun discussing the writing process and addressed the philosophy and motivation behind this book.

“I find that there’s so many people still out there that need to learn this new way of thinking – the power of the [graph] model, the advantages that it brings to their business reality,” Rik said.

“This [book] really is something that will enable me as a developer, not just to get excited about graphs, but to explain the value of graphs to my non-technical or post-technical peers or managers so that they can also understand the value [of graphs database technology],” Jim responded.

Listen to the full podcast here:

Graphistania· Graphistania 2.0 – Episode 9

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