Graphs4APAC: Enabling, Empowering & Engaging Professionals in APAC

In 2021, Neo4j launched its Graphs4APAC initiative to provide Asia Pacific professionals with free training, materials, and tools to learn and enhance their graph technology skills. This initiative aims to give back to the regions Neo4j currently serves through an open source approach of sharing and collaborating.

Graph databases are growing in popularity because they facilitate rapid organizational decision-making. A recent Gartner poll predicts that by 2025, 80 percent of data and analytic innovations will require graph technologies.

In today’s data-connected economy, there is an evident and growing demand for graph-skilled professionals, and the Graphs4APAC initiative provides community members with an integrated, dynamic way to:

    • Acquire graph database knowledge.
    • Apply and put graph knowledge into practice.
    • Stay current on the latest developments in graph technology.

Neo4j’s Graphs4APAC initiative targets specific countries/regions to ensure agility and cater to local needs and is already successfully running in Indonesia and Singapore.

Graphs4APAC Enables, Empowers, and Engages

As the pioneer and leader in graph technology, Neo4j is committed to offering free and comprehensive online training courses and opportunities for graph database certifications.

Graphs4APAC is built on the three Es; Enable, Empower, and Engage the next generation of APAC graph-skilled professionals.

    • Enable first-time learners, as well as seasoned professionals through free graph database platform training and courses on graph data science techniques. Courses are available through the GraphAcademy, and upon successful completion, students are eligible for official certification.
      Neo4j certifications provide proof to potential employers, schools, or other institutions that someone has successfully completed their graph database training.

    • Empower through an extensive collection of free resources like books, guides, and documentation created by graph technology experts.

    • Engage through MeetUps, events like GraphWorkshops, online training opportunities, webinars, summits, live events, and more.

Users can easily navigate the GraphAcademy platform to continuously enhance their graph technology skills, which are becoming more relevant and desired across many jobs and sectors.