Holiday fun with Neo4j

Looking for something fun to do during the holidays? Here are a few suggestions for some new cool Neo4j things that you can play around with.

A very recent addition to the Neo4j space is the JRuby library Neo4jr-social by Matthew Deiters:

Neo4jr-Social is a self contained HTTP REST + JSON interface to the graph database Neo4j. Neo4jr-Social supports simple dynamic node creation, building relationships between nodes and also includes a few common social networking queries out of the box (i.e. linkedin degrees of seperation and facebook friend suggestion) with more to come. Think of Neo4jr-Social is to Neo4j like Solr is to Lucene.

Neo4jr-social is built on top of Neo4jr-simple:

A simple, ready to go JRuby wrapper for the Neo4j graph database engine.

There’s also the Neo4j.rb JRuby bindings by Andreas Ronge which have been developed for quite a while by multiple contributors.

Staying in Ruby land, there’s also some visualization and other social network analysis stuff going on.

Looking for something in Java? Then you definitely want to take a look at jo4neo by Taylor Cowan:

Simple object mapping for neo. No byte code interweaving, just plain old reflection and plain old objects.

There’s apparently a lot of work going on right now in the Django camp to enable support for SQL and NOSQL databases alike. Tobias Ivarsson (who’s the author and maintainer of the Neo4j Python bindings) recently implemented initial support for Neo4j in Django. Read his post Seamless Neo4j integration in Django for a look at what’s new.

One more recent project is the Neo4j plugin for Grails. There are already some projects out there using it. We want to make sure Neo4j is a first-class Grails backend so expect more noise in this area in the future.

You can find (some of the) projects using Neo4j on the Neo4j In The Wild page. From the front page of the Neo4j wiki you’ll find even more language bindings, tutorials and other things that will support you when playing around with Neo4j!

Happy Holidays and Happy Hacking wishes from the Neo4j team!

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