#GraphCast: How to Deploy Your Graph Database on GKE

Welcome to this week’s #GraphCast – our series featuring what you might have missed in Neo4j media from the past fortnight.

Last time, our Content & Media Associate, Allison Wu, unearthed our Intro to Graph Databases video series produced by Ryan Boyd. If you’re new to graphs, it’s the best place to start!

Catch this week's GraphCast: David Allen explains how to deploy your graph database on GKE

This week, I’ve picked a great intro video by my colleague David Allen on how you can deploy the Neo4j graph database on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Check out the video below.

David explains how with Neo4j on Google Kubernetes Engine via GCP Marketplace, you focus more on your business applications instead of handling the annoying tasks of cluster provisioning and maintenance. In essence, it’s more time for data relationships and less time with housekeeping.

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