Lab-friday – from ASCIIDOC to HTML 5 slides

Lab-friday – from ASCIIDOC to HTML 5 slides

Hi all!

Last lab-friday, Anders Nawroth made the neo4j manual toolchain produce deck.js HTML 5 presentations instead of the Neo4j Manual.

The interesting part isn’t really the example itself, but that the toolchain now is able to generate HTML directly, instead of the normal DocBook XML output. This can be used in any context where you want to publish (tested) code, graphs or integrated consoles etc. on a web page.

He is generating the slideshow at, even containing the live console (click on the “Console” button in the slide), like
All this is generated an ASCIIDOC source file like this snippet: 

The source can be found at, feel free to fork and improve. We hope to bring this into the Neo4j Manual master toolchain soon, so material can be even better reused in other formats. Also, the toolchain itself is explained in detail at .

Cool stuff Anders!

Happy hacking,

Anders and Peter