Celebrate American independence and freedom from table structures with these four blog posts.

Happy Fourth of July and happy graphDB reading from the Neo4j team!

Graph-y 4th of July

Blog: Hierarchical Pattern Recognition by Kenny Bastani

Blog: Neo4j: Set Based Operations with the experimental Cypher optimiser by Mark Needham

Blog: Scaling Concurrent Writes in Neo4j by Max De Marzi

Blog: Using LoadCSV to Import Data from Google Spreadsheet by Rik Van Bruggen

[BONUS] GraphGist: Recruitment Graph Model by GraphAware

[BONUS] Video: Visualization of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Mining Patterns in Data by Kenny Bastani



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Adam Herzog , Community Manager

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Adam Herzog is a Community Marketing Manager at Docker. Previously, he worked with Neo4j to create, develop and execute demand and lead generation campaigns to provide measurable growth, accelerate the sales pipeline and meet targeted goals. He coordinated logistics for GraphConnect and strategized for worldwide field events including internal and external meetup events/conferences and hackathon sponsorships.

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