Meet the Women Leading Innovation in Knowledge Graphs

Women in Knowledge Graphs
We are so excited to share with you an outstanding webinar we hosted recently. We enlisted some of the brightest minds in tech to talk about their vast and varied experience with knowledge graphs, and share some insights on this exploding technology.

We’re especially delighted that this showcase of talent is all women, an oft underrepresented demographic in tech today. But that is quickly changing, as evidenced by this group of females on the frontlines of graph technology. This conversation was moderated by Dr. Maya Natarajan, Neo4j’s Senior Program Director of Knowledge Graphs (and resident expert). Maya welcomed four other women to the conversation, and we’re thrilled to now introduce you to this diverse all-star team.

Maya was joined by Dr. Ashleigh Faith, the Director of Knowledge Graph Product, Semantic Search, and MLAI at EBSCO, a leading search engine for academic content. Ashleigh is based in the Boston area, and her work involves, among other things, using knowledge graphs to drive a more equitable search. (And she’s also a recent recipient of a Graphie Award for her work in this space!)

Shilpa Karkeraa is the CEO and founder of AI and blockchain company Myraa Technologies. She’s also deeply involved in the Usha Renal Care Foundation, where she’s developing a product called NephroBlocks. NephroBlocks uses knowledge graphs to connect patient data – clinical trials, organ donors, patents, emerging research, medical history, etc. – which is designed to accelerate medical discoveries, expose vulnerabilities, and ultimately save lives.

Michele Howard also participated in this expert panel. Michele lives in Bicton, Australia, and is the Human Experience Management (HXM) and Workforce Management Data Analytics Specialist from DXC Technology, an IT services company. She uses knowledge graphs to map employee data, which optimizes the employee experience, aids them on their professional journey, and drives DXC’s vision of excellence.

Yan Yee Yap is a Malaysian-based AI and Data Consultant at Deloitte Consulting. She’s currently working with a global shipping company, using knowledge graphs to create graph models that integrate real-time data to provide an accurate and robust portfolio for the client. This enables them to monitor shipping routes, product availability, scheduling, the vessels themselves, and plenty of other variables – I’m sure we all remember the Suez Canal blockage of 2021, for instance.

Enjoy the presentation!

Pretty exciting stuff, right? We hope you enjoyed hearing these stories about how knowledge graphs are driving innovation in industries worldwide. We’ve only scratched the surface of knowledge graph use cases, and these women are a testament to the potential of this groundbreaking technology.

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