Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 4 – The Server.

Peter Neubauer

Hi all Graphsters!

From the initial background thread in a developer’s head to “do this properly some day”, following through with a proof-of-concept, then a real library, an open source project, an expanding collection of extensions, subjected to refactorings and refinements, the expanding graph of functionality that is the Neo4j project is now getting some legs to stand on its own. Never mind the Beatles collection being released on iTunes. Remember that this is the week that Neo4j released a server.

Introducing Neo4j 1.2 Milestone 4.

Get it here, then get started.

There has been lot of demand on having a server to ease boilerplate coding, especially from the non-Java community. We really think the option to run Neo4j as a server can help here. As we see it, there are a number of interesting points in having a prepackaged server:
  • easy setup of a Neo4j database without any Java knowledge
  • out-of-the-box remote connectivity from remote clients like C# and PHP via our HTTP REST API
  • easy installation of Neo4j as a Linux and Windows service
  • integrated administration interface to the database from any Web browser
  • integrated support for the Tinkerpop Gremlin scripting language for prototyping and inspecting the database
In short – get started and thanks for all the feedback and engagement from the community!

Now that Neo4j can stand, let’s make it run, rock, fly!


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