Neo4j 1.4 M01 – Announcing Kiruna Stol

It’s been a couple of weeks since the 1.3 GA release, and along with it the profound changes to the Neo4j product suite and licensing. We’ve been busy in the meantime listening to the great feedback, planning our way forward and beginning new work. Leaving “Abisko Lampa” behind, we’re now headed to “Kiruna Stol”. Today marks the first step along our path, with a milestone release. Compared to the fanfare surrounding the previous release, it’s a more modest affair. For this release, the Neo4j dev team have been refining parts of the codebase – particularly those parts that users interact with – to offer a more pleasant development and ops experience. We’ve also managed to squish a handful of general usability annoyances which we think will make a real difference to our community. This release is a very natural progression from our 1.3 product since it’s feature compatible, but more refined. So if you’re comfortable with 1.3, you’ll be comfortable experimenting with this milestone too.

Looking Forward to Kiruna Stol

Where are we headed now? We’ve considered many features and refinements to focus on for Kiruna Stol. The general categories we’ve decided to pursue include:
  • revisions to the API like self-references and auto-indexing
  • investigations into query languages. Gremlin, Sparql, Cypher
  • REST results paging and streaming
  • SpringDataGraph enhancements:
    • full featured Spring Data repository support,
    • Spring Roo Add-On
    • domain level server integration (as remote repository)
Of course, we’ll continue to optimize performance and smooth usability along the way. This milestone is available for download from the Neo4j website, and the components are available through the Maven repository. Happy hacking!

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