Neo4j 1.4 M06 “Kiruna Stol”

It’s been just a week since the Neo4j 1.4 M05 release, and though we’re pleased with the way the feature set has evolved, during testing we found a potential corruption bug in that specific milestone.

To address that issue, this week we’re releasing our sixth milestone towards the 1.4 GA release. This milestone is likely to be the last of the series for the 1.4 release, and if the community feedback is positive we will transition into our GA release shortly.

We’ve also managed to squeeze in a few syntax changes in Cypher to make your queries smaller and easier to read/write.

In the meantime, download it, and give it a workout. Remember that milestone releases are there for early adopters and while this milestone is feature complete and well tested it may still contain surprises. As always, remember to play safe: backup your data and test thoroughly before putting a milestone into production.

— happy hacking!

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