Neo4j 1.6.M01 “Jörn Kniv”

Hi there,

We have a new milestone for y’all. Previously we’ve had “Boden Bord” and “Abisko Lampa”, both going southwards through Sweden from the very north. And now we’ve released the first milestone of the up and coming 1.6, named after the small city of Jörn.

Before writing about it, I’d like to get a quick chance to introduce myself (this feels like stealing the stage…). My name is Björn Granvik and I’m based on a true story. A developer at heart and soul and in charge of engineering here at Neo Technology. I sometimes end up thinking out loud here: on that.

The theme of 1.6 is mainly about improving infrastructure and QA. These improvements include faster builds, moving from TC to Jenkins, and extending our tests to cover more client platforms, both browser and operating system wise. The reason for these changes is that, while we’ve delivered many great features very rapidly over the last few months, we’re always looking to do better. Improving our internal build infrastructure helps us deliver quality features faster, and helps us better turn around responses to the community’s requests for features.

Infrastructure isn’t our only focus for 1.6, however. We are also working on Neo4j so that we can store graph metadata, e.g. configuration settings. This will help us to better evolve the internal infrastructure.
As always, there are a number of bugs that have been fixed, both internally and for the community issues.

Pablo Pareja Tobes, maker of started a community poll which we are taking into consideration when moving forward with the next milestones. Thanks for the feedback!

Keeping up with the features (and bugs) in Firefox This milestone does not support the new Firefox8 and Firefox9 releases, since we need to work around some issues with webworker support being removed – stay tuned for that.


PS: “Jörn” is a place in north of Sweden. “Kniv” is knife in English. Sort of makes me wonder from where the English got their name – Vikings? 🙂

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