Neo4j 1.9.2 now available!

Hello fellow graphistas,

Today we’re releasing the latest version of the 1.9 series of Neo4j, version 1.9.2. While there aren’t any new API-level features in this release, there are plenty of goodies under the covers.

Firstly we’ve been working with the lovely folks at ThingWorx to optimise the way Neo4j performs IO when deployed on Windows. The 1.9.2 release can substantially reduce the amount of IO that Neo4j performs in some cases when running on Windows.

Then there’s a handful of tweaks and bug fixes that improve the overall experience of running and querying Neo4j, including useful improvements to the way we set up networking for HA clusters and the documentation for the same.

Finally there are some fixes to the REST API to ensure we’re using the Content-Encoding header properly (thanks to Nigel Small) and to fix a potential problem whereby JSON can become mangled coming out of the REST API (thanks to Wes Freeman).

Neo4j 1.9.2 is available immediately and is an easy upgrade from any other 1.9.x versions as there are no store upgrades required and so everyone on Neo4j 1.9 and Neo4j 1.9.1 is strongly encouraged to upgrade to 1.9.2.

You can download from the web site.

Until next time, stay connected.

Jim Webber
Chief Scientist @ Neo Technology

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