Neo4j 2.1.0 Milestone 2 is a beta release, marking progress towards revision of core functionality. While some features show promise this release is not recommended for production use.

Notable changes:
    • Kernel – new low-level locks API, and the Forseti lock manager
    • HA & Clustering – improved error messages & logging; reduced network traffic of locking
    • Cypher – add a new cost based planner

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About the Author

Andreas Kollegger , Senior Product Designer

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Andreas Kollegger is a technological humanist. Starting at NASA, Andreas designed systems from scratch to support science missions. Then in Zambia, he built medical informatics systems that complement technology with social good. Now with Neo4j, he is democratizing graph databases which elevate understanding by emphasizing relationships.

Andreas joined Neo4j as an early member of core engineering. He has now taken on the role of Senior Product Designer, crafting a developer experience that balances simplicity with power.

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