For Testing & Feedback: Neo4j 3.0 Release Candidate 1

Learn about the First Release Candidate of Neo4j 3.0 and Help Us Make It Better with Your Feedback

Neo4j 3.0 is coming soon, and we would like to ask you today for your feedback on our first release candidate.

For your review

Neo4j 3.0-RC1 previews some significant new features which we’d love for you to review.

  • “Bolt” binary protocol with official drivers: .NET, Python, Java and JavaScript are the first round of languages with new drivers.
  • Java stored procedures: CALL them on their own or mix them within a more complex Cypher statement using CALL ... YIELD.
  • Neo4j Sync: A companion cloud service for the Neo4j Browser that stores scripts, graph style sheets and history.
  • Operability changes: Important changes to the directory layout and the configuration of Neo4j.
  • Documentation library: Introducing a collection of focused publications, starting with a Developer Manual and Operations Manual.

Of course, this release contains welcome bug fixes and impressive performance improvements across the board. You can find more information in our release notes or the detailed changelog.

Known Issues

We’ve already discovered some issues that you should know about. Notably, you may encounter these:
  • Neo4j Browser only works with authenticated Bolt connections. You must either enable authentication on the server or disable Bolt in Neo4j Browser settings.

Feedback, please!

Use this release candidate to help us test Neo4j thoroughly so that we can provide an amazing and stable release. We’d love to hear from you on our public Discord or via e-mail:

If you really love what we built you can tell the world on Twitter; if not, tell us directly. For every tweet tagged #neo4j #feedback that provides a lovely quote and a picture we raffle one rare blue Neo4j water bottle per day for each of the next 12 days.

All the Links You Need

Download Neo4j 3.0.0-RC1, grab a driver for your language, then peruse the new documentation.

Neo4j 3.0.0 RC1
Community Edition:
Enterprise Edition:


Official Drivers


Documentation Library

The Neo4j Team