Neo4j at Waza SF 2013

Hey all,

We are excited to be sponsoring Heroku’s Waza 2013. Michael Hunger, Pernilla Lindh and I will be at the Neo4j lounge with our amazing zen sand coffee table, along with showcasing the Waza-Twitter graph.
Go to this page for how you can participate with Neo4j at Waza.

Heroku and Neo4j have been friends for a long time, with Neo4j provided as a Heroku add-on. We also ran several joint meetups and hackathons in the past and worked together on a Heroku based coding challenge.

We are really happy to be part of Heroku’s Waza, after Heroku supporting last year’s GraphConnect SF.

The Neo4j team will be showing the power of graph databases, by visualizing the implicit connections between people who tweet about heroku and waza. These inferred connections are becoming more relevant within all kinds of social network related products, highlighting not the direct follower relationship, but the connections through mentions, retweets and shared hashtags.

The Waza twitter graph will be shown on various monitors throughout the venue. As a passer-by, you’ll be able to see highlighted conversations tweeted by Waza attendees in real-time. If you want to interact with the Waza graph, you can stop by the Neo4j lounge and see who you know is at the conference, who has also tweeted about the things as you, or what people like the most about the event. Each hashtag and person will be represented with a picture, which will prove to be a fun way to visualize Waza as a graph.
Our contribution to Waza is a perfect reflection of what we embody at Neo4j: value in relationships. Graph databases focus on how you connect with technology, people, common interests, while showing you how this information is relevant in ways you wouldn’t expect. Not only that, but graph databases like Neo4j can easily integrate with whatever project, event or person you are part of.

We seeded the Waza graph with speakers, sponsors and Herokai. From there, any Waza attendee who tweets about the event will be brought into the Waza Twitter Graph.

We will also be presenting the interactive Zen coffee table at our booth. Stop by, and draw or program something on our app, to see it drawn in the sand on the zen table. Cool stuff.

Can’t wait to see you all there, and huge shout out to Michael Hunger and Max de Marzi for these 

sweet apps!