Neo4j AV Room: Top 7 Podcasts, Trainings, and Livestreams of 2021

Check out the top seven podcasts, trainings, and livestreams from the Neo4j Developer Relations team.

Our Neo4j Developer Relations superstars have been hard at work all year bringing the Neo4j Community and newbies alike a whole host of ways to learn more about graphs and guidance for getting started.

And so, here is a tidy list of some of the standout podcasts, video training series, and livestreams of 2021! In no particular order!

If your New Year’s resolution is to start working with graph technology in 2022, this best-of list is a wonderful place to begin your journey.

Bite-Sized Neo4j for Data Scientists

Ready to get started with Neo4j for all of your data science needs, but don’t know where to begin? Check the 18-part series (so far), Bite-Sized Neo4j for Data Scientists, which features snackable, five-minutes-or-less videos on topics ranging from connecting to the Neo4j Sandbox, using drivers, creating in-memory graphs, graph algorithms, and much much more. A treasure trove to make your Neo4j GDS journey seamless.

Watch Part 1: Connect from Jupyter to a Neo4j Sandbox

Neo4j Healthcare and Life Sciences Workshop

Another treasure trove of educational resources, it’s the Neo4j Healthcare and Life Sciences Workshop! This time, the focus is on the many ways in which graphs are used to connect all of the complex data found in healthcare and life sciences. Experience a deep dive into this topic with a three-day workshop, along with videos on accelerating research around diseases, drug discovery, identifying targets for strain development… 18 videos in all!

Sample this video, From Queries to Algorithms to Advanced ML: 3 Pharmaceutical Graph Use Cases:

Discover Neo4j AuraDB with BoardgameGeek Data

For the developer who wants a bit of guidance to get started with Neo4j AuraDB Free, this is the video for you. At the start of the video, you’ll be prompted to sign up for the free version to get a Neo4j instance, and then you can follow along and play along. The dataset used for this exercise is a giant boardgame data set from Go from ground zero to data importing and your first queries in under an hour. #boom

Training Series: Create a Knowledge Graph, A Simple ML Approach

Want to know how to make a knowledge graph with Neo4j? Start here with Claire Sullivan, PhD, Neo4j’s Data Science Advocate, who talks about a simple way to do this using machine learning (ML). Claire starts off with unstructured text and ends with a knowledge graph in Neo4j using standard Python packages for natural language processing (NLP). After that, you’ll see what can be done with a knowledge graph using tools available from the Neo4j Graph Data Science library. (Also: The whole training series is *chef’s kiss*.)

GraphStuff.FM: Overview of the Neo4j Graph Data Platform

In this overview, you’ll learn all about the Neo4j Graph Data Platform with a breakdown of the individual components that make up the graph platform – and how developers and data scientists can get started. This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to understand the value delivered by the platform. What you’ll discover is a rich suite of products and tools that complement the Neo4j graph database. Long live GraphStuff.FM!

Livestream Series: Full Stack Graph Visualization with Graph QL & Neo4j AuraDB

This now on-demand three-part series with Will Lyon (originally on Twitch) shows you how to build a full stack graph visualization application with Neo4j AuraDB, along with GitHub Actions, the Neo4j GraphQL Library, Next.js, and Vercel. Topics include no-cost data scraping, building a GraphQL server, and graph visualization with GraphQL and react-force-graph. Super informative.

Global Graph Celebration Day 2021 Livestream

Each year on April 15 (since about three years ago), we hold Global Graph Celebration Day, on the birthday of Leonhard Euler, the inventor of graph theory. This year, we kicked things off with footage of Neo4j employees from all over the world saying “graphs are everywhere” in many languages. It’s wonderful, and so are the following graph-related conversations and more with Neo4j Community guests, via our Discord server and forum. We love our community!

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