Neo4j Achieves AWS Data and Analytics Competency Status

Today’s forward-looking organizations, as well as the analyst spectrum, have long validated Neo4j as the world’s leading graph data platform – specifically because it is trusted by leading global brands, validated with a host of successful and repeatable use cases across industries and architectures, and is a pioneer in AI-powered technology and in-graph ML capabilities with a data science library to solve the most critical and pervasive data challenges. And this is all easily deployed as a self-hosted offering or as a cloud-native service. This last component is especially relevant given our close relationship with the world’s leading cloud service providers, such as AWS. And as further proof of our commitment to cloud-native architecture, we recently announced that Neo4j achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data and Analytics Competency status. This designation recognizes that Neo4j has demonstrated success in helping customers evaluate and use the tools, techniques, and technologies of working with data productively, at any scale, to successfully achieve their data and analytics goals on AWS. Achieving the AWS Data and Analytics Competency differentiates Neo4j as an AWS partner with deep domain expertise in data integration, data management, advanced analytics, data analysis, and visualization. We are a recognized leader in graph technology, having pioneered innovative technology such as ML and graph data science that seamlessly tie into AWS services, such as Sagemaker, EMR, QuickSight, and more. AWS reserves this designation solely for partners who possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on their platform. In a previous blog, we highlighted a “Quick Start” for developers, available from the AWS website. One of the key components in obtaining this new designation is demonstrating repeatable success with AWS customers, so let’s highlight a few of the more compelling use cases.

Tourism Media

Tourism Media generates global travel content, but relational databases couldn’t keep up with changing model and scale requirements. With Neo4j AuraDB on AWS, they achieved an 8x increase in productivity by rapidly modeling geographic data for over 300,000 cities in the cloud, resulting in increased context and automated content generation at a massive scale.


“Build vs buy?” is a familiar question in the tech world, and for OrbitMI the answer would have a huge impact, both on operations and the future of maritime supply chain management technology. The company already had a third-party vendor supplying the maritime routing data behind its SaaS platform, but maritime routing vendors were simply not prepared for the complexities of today’s interconnected world. By deploying Neo4j on AWS and utilizing graph data science capabilities, OrbitMI was able to increase their productivity by over 60 percent.


Meredith Corporation is a media conglomerate with $3.2 billion in annual revenue, over 30 top consumer brands, and a reach of over 180 million users a month across dot coms, apps, websites, podcasts, and video through their digital presence. Meredith seeks to provide personalized content and a predictable user experience through a 360-degree view of their user community – however, anonymous sessions, “cookie loss,” diverse devices, and ITP 2.3 browsers that block cookies by default increase the difficulty of accomplishing this goal. By utilizing Neo4j’s graph feature engineering on AWS, as well as graph data science, Meredith is able to connect their data sources across multiple streams and build accurate profiles to not only gain a customer 360-view, but increase web traffic by 600 percent. These are just a few of the success stories that highlight how graph technology hosted on AWS has been able to resolve today’s data challenges. Another highlight of Neo4j’s strong partnership with AWS is the fact that we will be sponsoring AWS Re:Invent in Las Vegas, NV (November 28 – December 2) at the Gold level for the second year. We invite you to join us as we highlight and demonstrate AuraDB, our best-in-class graph Database-as-a-Service, as well as reveal new announcements around our partnership and technology. To read our press release on our AWS Data and Analytics Competency, please visit this link.