Neo4j Is Now AWS PrivateLink Service Ready

Neo4j has achieved full compatibility with PrivateLink, earning AWS PrivateLink Service Ready status. This ensures Neo4j can integrate seamlessly and securely within the AWS ecosystem, all while enabling secure, private connectivity.

What Is AWS PrivateLink?

AWS PrivateLink enables customers to securely access AWS services within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) without traversing the public internet. It establishes private connections, granting organizations greater control over their data and mitigating potential security risks associated with data exposure to the open internet.

Advantages of AWS PrivateLink

AWS PrivateLink offers a host of advantages that make it an indispensable tool for secure resource access within the AWS ecosystem:

    • Data Privacy: PrivateLink ensures that data transfer occurs over a private connection, keeping sensitive information secure and isolated from the public internet.
    • Low Latency: By bypassing the public internet, PrivateLink connections offer lower latency, enabling faster data access and improved application performance.
    • Compliance Readiness: PrivateLink supports various compliance requirements, including HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS, which are vital for businesses dealing with sensitive data.

Why Is It Important to Access Neo4j With PrivateLink Securely?

The importance of securely accessing Neo4j Graph Database through PrivateLink lies in the significance of the data it holds. As the graph database and analytics leader, Neo4j is a fundamental component of data centralization projects. Neo4j acts as a repository for vital information, including mapping complex relationships and interconnected data points.

However, secure access is key to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of this sensitive data. Many organizations rely on Neo4j as a mission-critical data store for real-time analytics, making it essential to safeguard and serve this data securely to multiple applications within the ecosystem.

By leveraging PrivateLink to access Neo4j securely, businesses can ensure the following benefits:

    • Enhanced Security: PrivateLink facilitates direct and secure connections to Neo4j, minimizing exposure to potential security threats, cyber-attacks, and data breaches.
    • Seamless Data Sharing: PrivateLink allows seamless data sharing between different VPCs and AWS accounts, promoting collaboration without compromising data security.
    • Simplified Architecture: With PrivateLink, the need for complex networking configurations, such as bastion hosts or VPN gateways, is eliminated, streamlining the network architecture and reducing operational complexities.

At Neo4j, we recommend using VPC endpoints to provide secure access to a specific service. Some of the benefits include:

    • Access to a specific service without the need to use other gateways such as an Internet gateway, a NAT gateway, a VPN connection, or a VPC peering connection. This reduces the risk of exposing your resources to the Internet or to other outside networks.
    • Your traffic remains within Amazon’s private network, reducing the risks of exposing your traffic to the Internet. When accessing Amazon services over VPC endpoints, you can restrict access through a VPC endpoint to specific users, actions, and/or resources.
    • The ability to access resources provided by an Amazon service to traffic originating from a specific VPC or through a specific VPC endpoint.

Better Together: Neo4j and AWS

Neo4j and AWS offer businesses a powerful combination of data management and cloud infrastructure. Now, you can securely access and analyze your critical data with AWS PrivateLink. Moreover, Neo4j is part of the SageMaker ready program, making it an excellent choice for machine learning workloads in the AWS environment.

Are you ready to harness the potential of Neo4j securely in AWS? Try Neo4j on AWS Marketplace today and discover the transformative possibilities of this powerful data management solution.