Explore the Great Articles, Blog Posts, and Videos Created by the Neo4j Community in December 2015The Neo4j community ended 2015 with a bunch of great articles, videos, presentations and new projects. Collectively, you published some great pieces on Ruby, .NET, Spring Data Neo4j, Star Wars, beer…and diapers.

Below are some of our favorite pieces from our outstanding Neo4j community members published in the month of December.

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About the Author

Bryce Merkl Sasaki, Aspiring Graphista

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Bryce Merkl Sasaki is the Community Content Manager for Neo Technology. He studied professional and creative writing for undergrad and has been freelancing for 7 years. Recently, he worked at an inbound marketing agency in Philadelphia as a copywriter before moving to California. When not working, he likes to spend his time working on his novel, looking for pickup soccer games and reading voraciously.

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