Neo4j Community team announcement

Hi all,

During the last year, there has been an explosion of interest in Neo4j. Today, I’m really happy to announce that we are changing the way we support you, the fantastic Neo4j community, so that we can explicitly and sustainably commit to your success. From now on, we will invest full time engineering efforts within the community to incubate ideas, solve problems and act as the community’s advocate for longer-term product direction. In particular, the community engineering team will:

  • Proactively engage with the community and take care of community issues, including software development for community feature requests;
  • Answer questions and update documentation responding to community feedback from our user community;
  • Work actively with the community on merging contributions and expand and support our open source committers.
The community engineering team will harvest input from the mailing list, Twitter, blog postings and of course from Github issues (especially important for collaborative coding efforts!). Initially, I’m pleased to say that I will be the community engineering lead, and I’ll not only help within the community but be able to call on the Neo Technology dev team for heavy lifting too! I am really excited to work with all of you and help make Neo4j every bit as good as you all deserve. May the source be with you!

/peter neubauer

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