Neo4j Joins the Connect with Confluent Partner Program

Neo4j Joins the Connect with Confluent Partner Program.

We’re excited to share that Neo4j has joined the Connect with Confluent technology partner program. This program helps businesses accelerate the development of real-time applications through fully managed integrations with Confluent Cloud. Thanks to the partner program, our customers now have the best experience for working with data streams directly within Neo4j, paving a faster path to powering next-generation customer experiences and business operations with real-time data. Keep reading to learn how the partnership expands the data streaming ecosystem.

Expanding the Data Streaming Ecosystem Together with Confluent

Connect with Confluent brings fully managed data streams directly to organizations through a single integration to the cloud-native and complete data streaming platform, Confluent Cloud. It’s now easier than ever for organizations to stream any data to or from Neo4j with a fully managed Apache Kafka® service that spans hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises environments. In addition, the program helps partners’ go-to-market efforts via access to Confluent engineering, sales, and marketing resources. This ensures customer success at every stage, from onboarding to technical support.

Build Real-Time Applications with Neo4j

“Joining the Connect with Confluent program marks an exciting milestone for Neo4j, as it underscores our commitment to empowering businesses with transformative data solutions, Matt Connon, vice president of indirect sales at Neo4j, expresses. “By partnering with Confluent, we’re poised to deliver greater value to our customers, enabling them to apply the combined power of graph technology and real-time event streaming. Together, we’ll unlock new insights, agility, and innovation, empowering organizations to thrive in an increasingly connected world.”

Integrating Neo4j with Confluent’s event streaming platform presents a powerful real-time data processing and analytics solution. By applying Neo4j’s ability to model and query highly connected data and Confluent’s distributed streaming architecture, businesses can unlock key use cases such as real-time recommendations, fraud detection, and network analysis.

For instance, organizations can stream data from various sources into Kafka topics, enrich and transform that data using Confluent’s portfolio of 120+ pre-built connectors, and then ingest it into Neo4j for graph-based analysis and insight generation. This integration enables businesses to detect patterns and relationships in data as they occur, leading to faster decision-making, enhanced customer experiences, and proactive risk management.

Additionally, by combining Neo4j’s graph algorithms with Confluent’s scalable infrastructure, companies can achieve unparalleled performance and scalability for their graph-based applications, ultimately driving innovation and competitive advantage in today’s data-driven landscape.

Learn how to configure the Confluent connector for Neo4j in this blog written by our very own Stu Moore, Senior Product Manager. We previously announced support for Confluent’s Custom Connectors to connect Confluent Cloud to AuraDB, our fully managed database as a service. In this blog, Stu shows you how easy it is to set up a sink connector to create or update data in a database in Aura when messages are written to a topic.

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