Neo4j goes World Wide #neo4jwwtour

Today we release the dates and cities for the first part of the Neo4j World Wide Tour
Since the world has not collapsed today, according to Mayan prophecy, we can go ahead!

The 2013 Neo4j World Wide Tour is officially on!

We’ll cover the East Coast, West Coast and South-West of the United States. In Europe we will visit the biggest cities like Stockholm, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Hamburg.

We will be coding, learning, laughing and talking with you guys. We will be with you all over the place to spread graph love around the world.

As the world wide community manager I will be on every location we set up, just to talk to you and have fun. 

2013 is the year  – for you as a developer, graphista, curious persons who likes to learn more about graph databases, NoSQL and Neo4j.

Love your skill and teach it forward as the wise men say.

A Big Thank You to all people who have helped me organize these meetups.  <3

East Coast Tour

Boston 9th of January
Max De Marzi from Neo Technology will give us an introduction of NoSQL, Graph databases and Neo4j.

Washington 14th of January
Peter Neubauer, Co-founder of the Neo4j project, VP of Community at Neo Technology and hardcore Neo4j coder with over 400k lines committed, will give an introductory talk about Neo4j: What is it? How can I use it? What are others doing with it?

Durham 15th of January
Peter Neubauer, see above.

Atlanta 16th of January
Peter Neubauer, see above.

New York 17th of January
FiftyThree’s first product was Paper, an iPad app for capturing freeform ideas and winner of the 2012 Apple Design Award for iPad…. Also, Aseem is one of the authors of the Neo4j Node.js bindings,

And then….

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Canada / West Coast Tour


USA / West Coast Tour

Los Angeles *
San Diego *
San Francisco
Silicon Valley *

South West

Austin *

* First Neo4j meetup (Do you want to be the organizer of the group?

West Coast dates will be released in mid-January.
The tour dates for Europe will be released in February/March.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you – looking forward to meet you next year!



Community Manager @ Neo Technology
t: @p3rnilla

P.S: To make this more awesome, we need your help. Do you want to host a Neo4j meetup in your city? Show off your cool project to other hackers? Just give me a ping!

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