Neo4j Wins Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year Award


Relationships are connections that give meaning to our lives and often help us achieve the extraordinary together. At Neo4j, relationships are first-class entities. We intentionally nurture and cultivate relationships with our customers and partners because we can only consider ourselves as successful as they are.

One of the ways we support and prioritize the success of our customers is through the relationships we’ve built with other industry-leading technologies. Google Cloud is among the most powerful and popular solutions Neo4j customers use, so we’re thrilled to announce two key developments: We’re thrilled to win the 2023 Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year award in the data management category and, as a leading graph database provider, we are integrating with Vertex AI to add Vector Search to AuraDB, our database-as-a-service offering. This capability improves the search experience by providing faster performance and more contextual and accurate results; for example, a retail customer searching for umbrellas could also see results for rain boots.

Innovating for AI


Our partnership and recent recognition underscore Neo4j and Google Cloud’s commitment to empowering our shared customers to achieve the extraordinary with our technology and discover breakthrough solutions in fraud detection, customer 360, knowledge graphs, network management, supply chain, IoT, and more. Our longstanding collaboration has enabled customers to:

    • Leverage knowledge graphs with Google’s large language models to make generative AI outcomes accurate, transparent, and explainable.
    • Achieve greater predictive accuracy through Neo4j Graph Data Science, a fully managed cloud service.
    • Conduct deep graph analysis of connected data in-memory within Neo4j, and return results to Google BigQuery for use in downstream models and analysis.
    • Find contextually related information through vector search to uncover hidden relationships and gain richer insights.

As data complexity grows exponentially in the years ahead, our partnership will only become more critical in empowering customers to solve the previously unsolvable with connected data.

And with generative AI playing an increasingly influential role in our lives, Neo4j’s knowledge graphs are becoming essential in grounding large language models — making them more accurate, transparent, and explainable. By integrating Neo4j with services like Google’s Vertex AI, enterprises can leverage knowledge graphs to maximize the value of generative AI across their organization.

Helping Customers Uncover Data Relationships


Customers come to Neo4j with a common pain point. They tell us it’s increasingly expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating to manage and understand hidden relationships across billions of data connections. However, failing to uncover these relationships hinders organizational efficiency and the ability to predict and avoid business hurdles like fraud. It can even impede that next breakthrough idea. Neo4j partners like Google Cloud are hearing the same thing from their customers.

Relational databases — despite their name — often struggle with relationships as data volumes and complexity increase. The structure that once provided clarity now creates bottlenecks when unraveling multi-level relationships in modern data environments, leading to complex, slow, and expensive queries. NoSQL databases by contrast, store disconnected documents, values, and columns — they don’t directly handle relationships at all.

With Neo4j, relationships are embedded in the structure of the graph database, so applications don’t have to infer data connections using things like foreign keys. Querying multi-level relationships in a graph structure is orders of magnitude faster than it would be in a traditional, relational database, and performance remains consistent as data volumes grow.

Better Together: Enabling Customers to Achieve the Extraordinary


Together, Neo4j and Google Cloud help customers solve the urgent problem of understanding hidden, multi-level relationships across massive datasets. Our shared customers leverage the structure of their connected data to reveal entirely new ways of solving business problems.

For example:

    • Dun & Bradstreet, powering 90% of the Fortune 500 with data insights, launched a new service to rapidly interpret complex corporate structures and ownership. Previously, a single query tied up staff for 10-15 days. With Neo4j, they reduced customer risk profile research from days to hours by applying graph algorithms.
    • J.B. Hunt, a logistics and transformation company, gained end-to-end visibility across their complex infrastructure in real-time with Neo4j. This agile graph solution optimized routes to increase efficiency, eliminated over four million empty miles, and reduced CO2 emissions by 2.5 million metric tons.
    • A leading music platform built a knowledge graph with Neo4j to model Artists, Songs, Albums, Labels, and Genres. Deep relationship analysis drove behavior insights and recommendations, improving retention and increasing revenue.

Broad Capabilities, Robust Community, and Google Certification


Our full graph stack is an enterprise-grade solution spanning powerful native graph storage, data science, analytics, visualization, and more. With industry-leading security controls, horizontal scalability, ACID compliance, and streamlined integration, it provides everything organizations need to maximize the value of graph technology.

Our partnership with Google allows customers to get even more out of Neo4j, and we’ve worked closely with the Google engineering team to validate the integration and ensure that our tools work together smoothly and efficiently. As a result, Neo4j is a proud Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery partner, among other integrations mentioned earlier.

Graph is now the world’s fastest-growing database category and a key part of enterprise infrastructure, making our collaboration particularly relevant to the needs of the moment. Gartner predicts that graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations by 2025, “facilitating rapid decision-making in the enterprise.”

This is evident in Neo4j’s thriving open-source community, comprising over 250,000 developers and data scientists across hundreds of leading companies worldwide. These leaders are not only adopting graph technology but also actively contributing to collective learning, accelerating time to value.

Thank you, Team Google, for an incredible partnership. Our collaboration and co-innovation allow our customers to achieve the extraordinary, and we look forward to working together for years to come.