Neo4j Graph Framework and Project Assessment

As the category creator and the global leader of graph databases, at Neo4j we understand the complexity of creating new solutions leveraging graph technology. Developed by Neo4j Global Services with the experience honed through hundreds of successful implementations, the Neo4j Graph Framework is the single trusted reference for any organization to act upon to ensure all areas are addressed throughout the lifecycle of the solution development or project implementation.

Broken down into five key pillars, the framework covers aspects from the initial use case assessment to scaling and expanding the solution (and the adoption of Graph technologies) with new data and business requirements.

The Five Core Pillars

Use Case Assessment

Understand the business requirements and goals of the solution. Who are the stakeholders and users and what are their goals?

Graph Readiness
Review, advise, and design the overall solution architecture, ensuring the best possible outcomes are achieved.

Graph Development
Review, advise, and design the detailed technical architecture required to meet the goals of the solution.

Graph Operations
Review, advise, and design the deployment and monitoring environment for the solution.

Graph Scale and Expand
Advise and consult on the full adoption and expansion of the solution with users and stakeholders.

Within each pillar we outline key activities any team should consider. For example:

    • Helping customers develop and capture the Business Value and define First Business Value within the Use Case Assessment
    • Develop and provide training within the Graph readiness phase
    • The design, development, and implementation of the Data ingestion and pipeline logic during the Graph Development phase
    • The security requirements and implementation to ensure the solution meets the customer’s operational requirements
    • Helping customers understand and develop their Graph Data Maturity within the Scale and Expand phase

Customer Engagement and Project Assessment

At Neo4j we are committed to your success. Throughout any customer engagement, our Customer Success team works closely with you and your team, leveraging the Graph Framework to run project assessments and develop mutual success plans.

Each mutual success plan is tailored to your project, providing best practices, training recommendations, a selection of advisory sessions, and identifying areas where our professional services team can work alongside your team to accelerate your time to value. The framework provides the means to focus on key areas, ensuring teams do not run (too far) ahead with their implementation.

The project assessment simply asks the project team where they are today (current rating) and where they want to be in order to be successful with their implementation (target rating).

The value for customers to understand the framework and develop mutual success plans has proven itself time and again with many of our customer engagements. The methodology ensures that the initial requirements are correctly understood, and both stakeholders and project teams progress with a clear understanding of the art of the possible.

The framework is the reference model for a customer’s current and future graph solution deployment, providing clarity across the organization from executive stakeholders to project development and implementation teams.

For more details on the Graph Framework or Project Assessment process, please contact your Customer Success Manager or reach out to the Neo4j sales team.

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