Announcing the Neo4j GraphTour in 8+ Cities Worldwide

Learn more about the global Neo4j GraphTour, including which cities and customers will be presentingStarting this February, Neo4j is coming to a city near you to deliver a full day of sessions on how graph database technology is revolutionizing the modern enterprise.

The GraphTour Basics

This one-day local event will teach you all you need to know about graphs – no matter your technical background or familiarity with graph technology. Each daylong event features speakers from the Neo4j team as well as local customers and members of the Neo4j community.

The best part? It’s free to register.

At each GraphTour stop you’ll hear first-hand about the advantages of Neo4j’s native Graph Platform, which includes not only the Neo4j graph database, but also graph analytics, data integration, visualisation and solutions framework.

GraphTour Presenters

GraphTour features engaging presentations that dive deep into why native graph technology matters now more than ever. Special guest speakers appearing on the tour include Stefan Wendin, Dirk Möller, Stefan Kolmar, Rik Van Bruggen, Jesús Barrasa, Anthony Flynn, Jan Aertsen and Cédric Fauvet.

But you won’t just be taking our word for it: At each stop on the GraphTour, local customers are set to showcase how Neo4j improves their operations, ensures legal compliance, increases revenue, catches fraudsters and contributes to bottom-line growth. Here’s the customer lineup so far:

    • Raet and ING will be joining is in Amsterdam
    • Ciena will be meeting up with us in London and Tel Aviv
    • Elisa will be in Stockholm
    • Murr Elektronik will be accompanying us in Berlin
Check back frequently for the schedule on to see which Neo4j customers will be presenting in your city. (We’ll update it whenever new customers are added.)

Sessions in all locations will be presented in English with the possible exception of local customers and our entire Paris event. Advice at our GraphClinics may also be in the local language.

GraphClinics & Neo4j Solutions Framework

At every stop on the GraphTour, Neo4j engineers, consultants and experts are easily accessible for one-on-one help with your graph project. Get advice on graph data modeling, Cypher queries and other troubleshooting questions you might have – they’re happy to help.

Also featured at the GraphTour is our Solutions Framework team, available to advise you on how to build your end-to-end enterprise solutions framework for anything from fraud detection to real-time recommendations. If you’re looking to leverage connected data at your enterprise, this is the team to talk to!

The GraphTour Itinerary (So Far)

For an always up-to-date schedule of GraphTour stops and locations, visit Here’s all of the current cities on the itinerary so far (U.S. cities to be announced soon):

    • Milan: Tuesday, 5 February 2019
    • Tel Aviv: Thursday, 12 February 2019
    • Amsterdam: Tuesday, 14 February 2019
    • Madrid: Thursday, 19 February 2019
    • Stockholm: Tuesday, 5 March 2019
    • Berlin: Thursday, 12 March 2019
    • Paris: Wednesday, 19 March 2019
    • London: Wednesday, 26 March 2019
    • United States: Locations and dates to be announced soon

Special Thanks to Our GraphTour Sponsors

Our partners and sponsors with local expertise will join us at relevant stages of the GraphTour. We are proud to announce that PRODYNA AG will be joining us in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin and London, while Structr will be with us in Berlin, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Check back here as more partners are announced.

See You on the Neo4j GraphTour!

There’s a vibrant community waiting for you on the Neo4j GraphTour, and we hope you’ll join us in a city near you, no matter which side of the Atlantic you’re on (U.S. dates still TBD).

Space is limited at all stops along the Neo4j GraphTour – click below to register for a GraphTour event in a city near you and get your FREE ticket today.

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