Neo4j Milestone 1.9.M04 released

Today we’re happy to announce Neo4j 1.9.M04, the next milestone on our way to the Neo4j 1.9 release.

For this milestone we have worked on further improvements in Cypher, resolving several issues and continued to improve performance.

Something many users has asked for is Scala 2.10 support which we are providing now that a stable Scala 2.10 release is available.

There were some binary changes in the Scala runtime so by adopting to these, Cypher became incompatible to Scala 2.9. Please ping us if that is an issue for you.

In the Kernel we finally resolved a recovery problem that caused the recovery process to fail under certain conditions.

Due to a report from Jérémie Grodziski we identified a performance issue with REST-batch-operations which caused a massive slowdown on large requests (more than thousand commands).
Solving this we got a 30 times performance increase for these kinds of operations. So if you are inserting large amounts of data into Neo4j using the REST-batch-API then please
try 1.9.M04 if that improves things for you.

We invested more time in making our High Availability Cluster easier to operate by automatically taking care of some failure conditions.

We now also provide a new master information endpoint for a HA cluster that can be used for instance to control a load-balancer to route write requests always to the master.

It is usually found under: /db/manage/server/ha/isMaster which returns true or false depending on the target server being the master and
/db/manage/server/ha/getMaster which returns the host and port of the current master machine as a Location header.

If you run Neo4j enterprise please note that the setting online_backup_port is now deprecated in favour of online_backup_server which supports a port range. Also we now enable
the online backup if possible by default.

As always, feedback is warmly welcome so we can make Neo4j 1.9.GA as stable as possible!


Michael Hunger and the Neo4j contributor team