Neo4j Named 2015 Technology of the Year by InfoWorld

Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, has been named as a 2015 Technology of the year by InfoWorld

Last year brought many successes as we grew and strengthened the three things we hold dearest: Our product, our community, and our personnel. We want to thank everyone who has helped make Neo4j all that it is today, and look forward to working with you and for you to make 2015 an even bigger success.

From InfoWorld:
A graph database is an excellent place to stash data that involves relationships among its elements: Social networks, shipping routes, and family trees are a few examples that spring to mind. Neo Technology’s Neo4j is a graph database that’s simultaneously short on learning curve and long on scalability. Neo4j can be run either as an embedded Java library or in client/server fashion, which means it can tackle tasks small to large (a Neo4j database can house up to 34 billion nodes and an equal number of relationships).

Even better, Neo4j is ACID-compliant and provides two-phase commit transaction support. Its API, which is accessible from a variety of popular languages, includes a number of important “shortest path” algorithms, which you can modify with cost-evaluation functions to create “cheapest path” equivalents. If you’d rather not control your Neo4j database from a language API, you can always turn to its declarative graph query language, Cypher, the Neo4j equivalent to SQL.

Neo4j is available in a free open source edition, as well as an enterprise edition that adds clustering, caching, backups, and monitoring capabilities. Want to know more? Take a few minutes to explore Neo Technology’s excellent, interactive online documentation, which guides you through graph database concepts, lets you execute Cypher code against a temporary database, and allows you to view the results graphically in real time.
You can read more about the top technology of 2015 on the InfoWorld site.

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