Neo4j on Heroku – Soon Public

A successful beta has planted the seed for Neo4j in the cloud, available as an Add-on to Heroku’s superb platform. That beta will soon bear its first fruit with public availability debuting at next week’s GraphConnect.

Mo Bettah Beta Users

Though humble in capacity, we have been floored by the work people have been able to create using the beta Add-on. We are grateful to every participant who worked with us and pushed the limits of the service. We are better because of you.

Beta users took advantage of the plan as a great way to try out Neo4j, easily spinning up a database to learn about getting graphy. Clearly this is a huge advantage of full service cloud offerings — encouraging experimentation and exploration, putting fantastic tools like a graph database only a few clicks away. Reading about technology is great, but effortlessly trying it out is awesome.

An incredible number of people fell in love with graphs, experiencing moments of graph enlightenment that sparked creative demo applications and proof of concepts. We look forward to showcasing the incredible diversity of creations, underscoring our observation that graphs are everywhere.

On the horizon

What once seemed distant will soon be close at hand: next week at GraphConnect we’ll be debuting the public release of the Neo4j Add-on to Heroku. Details about the plan will have to wait just a little longer.

We’d be thrilled to have you join us in San Francisco for the conference (there is still time to register). If we miss you there, stay tuned for post-release coverage.

Julian, Andreas and Thomas