Neo4j on the Neo FreeRunner

Hi there,

Some time ago I tested the Neo4j graph database as a backend to Qi4j on the Neo FreeRunner. I installed the 2008.09 distribution (Debian and XFCE, OpenJDK or Harmony works, too, but is very slow) and FDOM, to get some more goodies onto the system.

In order to get the Neo4j and Java code running at all, you will need to install some for of JVM. In my case, I chose to install classpath, jamvm and for possible GUI use, the GTK-SWT bindings. I installed

opkg install classpath jamvm libswt3.4-gtk-java

then deployed my .jar neo4j test onto the device via SCP, and voila, starting it brings up the whole database! This even works with Qi4j, although very slow, but in principle this opens up small linux devices for Neo4j!

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