– A New Path

The website has been around and pretty static for a while – let’s move on! We want to welcome new Neo4j users with helpful information on how to get started and be successful developing applications using Neo4j.

So we set out to create a new, informative site for everyone. Being Techies we moved from WordPress to an node.js express app which is running on Heroku and hosted on GitHub. It is now easier than ever to contribute to the site. Just fork it, make your changes and issue a pull request. GitHub issues for feature requests are very welcome.

When you enter you should easily find a good starting point and then progress through the available information at your own pace. The information is much lighter on the site than in the manual, we didn’t want to duplicate the rich information there, but link to it where appropriate. We also tried to make things more accessible by recording screencasts that show how to achieve different goals.

We tried to put the available information into three broad categories:


  • General information about graph databases, Neo4j and NOSQL data models
  • An interactive cypher tutorial
  • Explanation of the Neo4j editions and licensing


  • Information about how to download and install Neo4j
  • A huge gallery of drivers for the different programming programming languages and frameworks
  • The Neo4j console with some interesting data-sets as well as datasets to be installed in your local or cloud-based Neo4j server
  • Information on how to use Neo4j in the Cloud, installation instructions for EC2 and the Heroku Add-On
  • Some tidbits about graph visualizations

  • An ever growing gallery of our awesome contributors and driver authors
  • Neo4j on StackOverflow and the Neo4j Google Group
  • The local Neo4j meetup groups
  • Neo4j’s github repository and issue tracking
  • The Neo4j graphistas map
  • And most importantly instructions on how to give feedback and contribute to the site itself


  • Download and installation of Neo4j
  • Integrating Neo4j in your JVM-language project using a build-system of your choice
  • Installing Neo4j on debian/ubuntu-Linux using apt and on MacOS using brew
It is a lot of information to swallow and explore, we hope you find it valuable and tell us what you like, what you’re missing and how to improve the site and the information there. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks to all the contributors to Neo4j and the site and for all the feedback we got so far.

Onward to new adventures
“You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – Tolkien

Aileen, Andreas, Peter and Michael