I’m super-excited having been able to sponsor, attend, speak and “Track & Hack” at JRubyConf.EU. It has been a great time at the event.

With the “track & hack” project we wanted to create an open and live dataset of the presence and interaction of the conference attendees. We used active OpenBeacon RFID tags which can used both for calculating positions as well as spotting other tags close by and allowing to accumulate a “interaction-graph”.

After presenting at a engaging introductory GraphDB-Frankfurt meetup, I attended the very interesting GraphDB-Berlin meetup which covered the Twimpact event processing framework, that can be used as front-end to Neo4j.

Directly after the meetup we traveled to the JRubyConf.EU venue and started setting up the OpenBeacon tracking equipment (thanks for providing it) and attendee-tag-list as well as the first apps. That was quite adventurous and took us half of the night. The next morning we felt a bit sleep deprived.
Early morning the folks from OpenBeacon arrived and helped us fine tune the setup and configure a standalone (Atom) Linux-server to collect the information and host data-stream and apps. We connected it to a big screen and it was a place of curiosity ever after.

The attendees registering for the conference were handed their tags and batteries, surprisingly all were very keen to participate we got no resistance to the tracking.

I presented a quick intro to Neo4j and our Track & Hack project before the first keynote and had the opportunity for another short talk which outlined how well Neo4j integrates with (J)Ruby.
As everything was running I pushed the local RFID-Graph to Heroku for everyone to look at and play around with.

The Graph visualization is still online together with a realtime position-tracking visualization coded by Norbert (which used the live pusher-stream from the local server).
At the conference and also during the following days there was lot of interest in Neo4j as well as the tracking and the collected dataset. We had a number of really cool graph related discussions and lots of fun.

I want to thank the organizers Florian Gilcher and Alex Coles of JRubyConf.EU, Norbert Crombach who tirelessly worked with me on setting up and running the participant-tracking, Stefan Plantikow from MoviePilot for co-sponsoring, -presenting and helping out, Milosch Meriac and Jeff from OpenBeacon for being on-site and helping us setting up the tracking equipment and providing lots of tips and insights.



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