The Easiest Way to Learn Neo4j: Video Tutorials [Community Post]

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The Neo4j graph database has been used by big companies and small startups alike as a core part of their technology stacks, so we brought you a series of step-by-step video tutorials that will provide you a quick glimpse of Neo4j.

These Neo4j graph database tutorials are for absolute beginners and will teach you all the basics in an hour or less. If you’re a newbie to Neo4j and want to develop an application with a graph database, then this video series is for you.

The purpose of this video series is to get you started quickly with Neo4j without you having to go through lengthy reference manuals. At the end of these video tutorials, you’ll be able to create, read, understand and query data in Neo4j using the Cypher graph query language.

Check out the entire library below to view all our latest video tutorials on Neo4j. We’re continually adding videos, so check back often!

Neo4j Video Tutorial 1: Create & View a Node

Neo4j Video Tutorial 2: Create & View Multiple Nodes

Neo4j Video Tutorial 3: Search Nodes by IDs

Neo4j Video Tutorial 4: Delete Nodes and Database

Neo4j Video Tutorial 5: Create and Search Nodes with Labels

Neo4j Video Tutorial 6: Add Labels to Node

Neo4j Video Tutorial 7: Remove and Update Labels on Nodes

Neo4j Video Tutorial 8: List,count Labels and Delete Nodes Using Label

Neo4j Video Tutorial 9: Create Node with Properties

Neo4j Video Tutorial 10: Node Property DataTypes

Neo4j Video Tutorial 11: Search Nodes by Using Properties

Neo4j Video Tutorial 12: Update Properties on Node

Neo4j Video Tutorial 13: Delete Property from Node

Neo4j Video Tutorial 14: Upload a CSV File into Neo4j

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to learn how to deploy Neo4j in a production environment. Register for our free online training class, Neo4j in Production, and learn how master the world’s leading graph database.