Empowering Educators: Neo4j’s New Program for Classroom Instruction

Learn more about Neo4j's new Educator Program for classroom instruction.

Neo4j is thrilled to offer a brand new look to the GraphAcademy University Program with updates specifically for instructors – teaching Neo4j in a classroom lab setting!

We have been working hard to provide resources for educators to help students learn about Neo4j and introduce graph database concepts to the education community.

Let’s take a look at the details of who and what qualifies, what’s offered and how to get started!

Program Qualifications

Qualification to the new Neo4j Educator Program is designed for instructors of accredited, non-profit educational institutions. Instructors can fill out a form to be evaluated for acceptance for the program.

Your use case cannot be used for profit or commercial purposes. As long as the use case fits this criteria, the instructor will be accepted and granted access to all necessary resources for teaching Neo4j in the classroom.

What’s Included in the Program

Neo4j Desktop

The Educator Program grants access and installation of our Neo4j Desktop application on as many machines as required in a classroom lab. It also includes provision for students to install and use the application on their personal computers for homework and other classroom assignments outside of the lab.

Neo4j Desktop is our user-friendly desktop interface for creating, managing and interacting with instances of Neo4j graph databases. It also allows users to download and use graph apps in Neo4j Desktop (integrated applications for import, exploration, monitoring and other functionality), as well as query and visualize data in a Neo4j instance using Neo4j Browser.

Instructor Resources

Along with the technology, we are also offering resources for instructors to get the software operating and to present the content to students. Operating instructions include guides and help for getting the software installed and functioning smoothly in the student computer lab.

On the instruction side of things, access to Neo4j’s official training materials will be granted for our Introduction to Neo4j and Graph Data Modeling courses.

These materials were created by Neo4j staff and will be maintained and updated as content changes. This ensures instructors have the latest and most-relevant information on Neo4j graph technology functionality and updates.

Program Support

The final piece of any technology is for help and support. If you’re not already familiar with our Community Site, you should definitely check out all of the great content and help provided there.

Even so, we have a dedicated group channel for educators in our program that will be granted upon acceptance of your application. This way, instructors can share academic-related tips, tricks and educational content, as well as ask questions of other users teaching Neo4j materials to their students!

Of course, all individuals are welcome to participate in the wider community channels and content, too, but we wanted to provide a method for tracking the most helpful and focused content to a specific group of users.

We definitely encourage sharing any feedback you have regarding teaching Neo4j through our program or encouraging and offering your guidance to others in the educational community.

How to Get Started

By now, you probably cannot wait to find out more and get started on an application to teach Neo4j to your students.

All information is published on our new Neo4j Educator Program webpage on our website. Let Neo4j help and support your efforts in bringing the world of graph and Neo4j to your students!

Best wishes to all of you for this academic year and any graph-related endeavors you are planning.

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