Announcing a New Neo4j Community Site & Forum

We are very excited to announce our brand new Neo4j Community site! We created this place to allow our community to ask and answer technical questions, share and discover open source projects with each other, contribute content and collaborate on ideas.

Check out and join the new Neo4j community site page and forum.

Technical Help Forum

This is where you are able to ask technical questions (or help others by answering questions!). We have created categories that align with specific technical topics.

Before you ask a question, you are actually able to search first to see if your question has already been answered. When posting a topic, you are able to add tags that help other users find your topic if they encounter the same question.

We ask that you please share all details you have for others to understand and reproduce your question. You’ll notice that each category also has an introductory message with a number of helpful links.

Community Engagement

Tell the community about your projects, share your blogs to help others learn or discuss ideas in your local groups. Don’t have a project to share but are curious about what others are doing? Browsing is encouraged here as well!

Why did we move from Slack?

As our user Slack grew to 8,750 members, it became more and more difficult to answer questions properly and many discussions descended into private messages.

Also, the 10,000 message limit made it impossible to find out if a question was already answered and required the helpful folks to repeat themselves time and again. Others that encountered the same issues came to the same conclusion and moved to a dedicated forum, several also moved to Discourse as we did.

Going forward, we will reduce the number of Slack channels, as well as reduce the technical conversations to foster more casual chats.

Go ahead to the site, create an account and introduce yourself!

For the first five weeks we will be selecting five random users that have signed up and introduced themselves to win a $50 USD coupon for the Neo4j Graph Gear Store. So make sure you’re in the crowd we choose from!

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas you’d like to see as we add features to the site, please share it in the Feedback category!