Reintroducing the Neo4j Online Meetup

Learn all about the reintroduction of the Neo4j Online Meetup group and register for more updatesBack in 2013 we ran several online meetups but it eventually fizzled out as we’ve focused on local, in-person meetups for the last three years.

These have worked well for the most part but we’ve heard from lots of Neo4j community members that they can’t attend because of location or time constraints.

In an attempt to solve this problem we’re bringing back the Neo4j Online Meetup which will be organised by our Developer Relations Team: Ryan Boyd, Michael Hunger, William Lyon and Mark Needham.

From this meetup, we will run regular online events, talks, Neo4j trainings and hands-on workshops. We’ll stream these events using YouTube Live and using the #neo4j-online-meetup channel on our Neo4j-Users Slack group as a backchannel for questions and discussions.

We are going to organise the sessions from the Neo4j Online Meetup group, which we very much ask you to join.

Michael Hunger will give our first presentation on 15th February at 17:00 UTC.

He’ll be demonstrating live how we can import and query Buzzfeed’s TrumpWorld dataset using Neo4j and Cypher. He’ll also show how we can integrate other public datasets to discover even more interesting insights.

And even if you can’t make it this time, please register with the group so that you don’t miss future events.

We would love to hear from you which topics you’re interested in or which solutions for common issues with Neo4j we should demonstrate in an interactive session.

If you built a tool, language driver or project around the Neo4j graph database or just generally want to talk about your experiences, we welcome your informal submission for a lightning talk (15′) or full presentation (30-50′).

Just drop us an email to or ping us on

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss the next gathering of the Neo4j Online Meetup group – click below to register and we’ll see you there!

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