Summer 2022: Neo4j AuraDB Update

Neo4j AuraDB is a cloud-based, fully managed graph database offering. Built on a native graph engine with uncompromising performance, AuraDB helps you focus on your applications with rich data insights without the worry of managing infrastructure.

Whether you are new to Neo4j AuraDB or a current user, we’re constantly driving improvements to enhance your experience. In this update, we’ll share our latest enhancements in AuraDB.

Get started with an unified experience in AuraDB

At GraphConnect in June 2022, we announced early access availability of Workspace for Aura. This unified experience brings together the powerful graph tools you use every day (Data Importer, Bloom, and Browser) to simplify your workflow to load data, create the database, run queries, and visualize seamlessly.

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Build a bigger graph database using a sample dataset or bring your own

Available in AuraDB Free

We’ve recently added new sample datasets and increased the size limit for the graph in our free tier – more than 2x the number of nodes and relationships to be precise. With the new sample data sets, you can explore and create a graph database instance that piques your interest and provides the best learning opportunity.

As you follow the guidance, you’ll uncover patterns, deep data connections, and answer questions that didn’t previously occur to you. This discovery fosters a growth mindset of what’s possible. Apply the key learnings to your own dataset and pave the way for your next proof of concept.

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Optimize your experience in AuraDB

Available in AuraDB Free and AuraDB Professional

We know that keeping a secure password is important to you. Thus, our instance password download enables you to download the auto-generated password as an .env file for every new database instance you create. In the .env file, you’ll find your database URL username, password, and instance name.

You can now preview a subset of your graph instance to iterate quickly, testing out new ideas before committing to full load in our Data importer preview.

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Available in AuraDB Professional and AuraDB Enterprise

Fine-tune your current instances on demand, saving you time and creating enhanced observability into your Aura estate using Query logs.

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Available in AuraDB Enterprise

Scale your mission-critical graph workloads, now up to 384GB database instances with just a click and no downtime.

Reach out to your Neo4j Customer Success Manager to take advantage of this new capability in AWS and GCP.

The Aura team relies on your feedback to help us improve and prioritize. For AuraDB Free and AuraDB Professional, please share your feedback here. For AuraDB Enterprise, please reach out to your Neo4j Customer Success Manager for questions or feedback.

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