The Geek5 – Books you want to read?

Hi all,
during a meeting some weeks ago some of the team discussed what 5 books geeks in the wider Neo4j community has read. We couldn’t reach a final conclusion so the discussion resulted in a Google Doc and a voting round on Twitter and the Neo4j Mailing list, see below. Thanks for all the votes, it is really interesting to see what comes up here.

Not surprisingly, it seems that Fantasy and SciFi are high on the list. However, I like especially number 4 “The C Programming language” as it seems C is not forgotten yet after all 😉

Now, with the popularity of the first three books, it would be very interesting get a dataset to play around with, much like the one Michael Hunger did for his favorite, Game of Thrones.

So here is a little challenge: Whoever comes up with a similar graph for The Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy, The Lord of The Rings or The Foundation Series, will get a personal Neo4j Community shirt for a #geek5 @neo4j tweet. Just sayin’.

Over and out.