This Week in Neo4j – Advent of Graphs, Neo4j 4.4, 2021 Graphie Awards, Graph Embeddings

The brilliant Advent of Code is like a classic text-based adventure game mixed with small coding puzzles, solvable with any programming language. How many can you complete with pure Cypher?

This week we have lots to celebrate:
The launch of Neo4j 4.4
With massive gains in data processing with larger datasets, native text indexes, SSO for Browser, Bloom and the Neo4j Graph Database among many other improvements and new features. Let us know what you think about Neo4j 4.4 in our Community Forum or on Discord!
This year’s Neo4j Graphie Awards
They are our showcase for innovative and impactful graph-based projects among Neo4j customers and partners, startup program members, investigative/data journalists, Neo4j community members, and Neo4j ambassadors. Congratulations to all winners!

Enjoy this week’s edition of Twin4j.
Andreas & Alexander

Adrien Sales - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Adrien Sales – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Adrien works as Division Manager at OPT in beautiful New Caledonia. He’s a technology enthusiast and open source believer. He stays true to his knowledge sharing philosophy by publishing a lot of articles regularly. Interestingly he worked on both SchemaCrawler and Liquibase in the past, which we both use and integrate at Neo4j for the ETL-Tool and Liquibase-Neo4j. He is a long-time Neo4j community member and has written many posts about using Neo4j in different contexts. He’s also built a number of projects using Neo4j from recipe databases to relational schema visualization.

Here are some examples:

Thanks a lot for all your enjoyable content and open-source work Adrien.

Introducing Neo4j 4.4

2021 12 04 Neo4j 44release

Built on the most trusted, scalable, and secure database for performance and data integrity, Neo4j 4.4 adds massive gain in data processing while reducing memory requirements when importing very large datasets. You’ll also benefit from zero downtime for database upgrades, cloud-native APIs for faster application development without middleware or the use of language drivers, Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide seamless authentication with cloud-based identity providers, and more.

Inspecting the Quarkus Native Call Path Universe with Neo4j

persist query

This blog post is the culmination of an idea that Galder Zamarreño and Sanne Grinovero came up with during lunch where they were struggling with GraalVM’s native image analysis call tree text output. They wondered whether that data could instead be formatted differently and imported into a graph database for easier inspection. The GraalVM and Mandrel 21.3.0 releases include improvements to address this particular issue.

Analyzing Scientific Articles with Fine-Tuned SciBERT NER Model and Neo4j

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In this article a dataset of scientific abstracts is analyzed using the Neo4j Graph database and a fine-tuned SciBERT model. After, the data is used to answer some questions as our analysis for this corpus. This article assumes that you have the basic fundamentals of NLP and Neo4j.

Graph Embeddings: AI That Learns From Your Data to Solve Your Problems

ai graph embeddings 1

In this white paper, Alica explores:

  • Why we need graph embeddings now
  • What graph embeddings are – and how they work
  • Real-world uses for graph embeddings
  • How to get started
  • Key takeaways

Neo4j Graphies 2021

Graphie blog

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s Graphie Award winners! This annual celebration honors people, projects, and companies from all around the world for excellence in the connected data space.

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