This Week in Neo4j – Best of Graph 2021 Part 2

Whether you’re already in full swing working on your first project in 2022 or are just getting started, we have a few reading recommendations from the Neo4j blog sphere of 2021. In this second round of highlights we go into the Pandora Papers, some Knowledge Graphs, and Graph Data Visualization. Also, if your New Year’s resolution was to become a Neo4j Certified Professional, don’t forget you get a cool free t-shirt with that! We are currently conducting our 2021 Neo4j Developer Survey. Please take a few minutes and fill it in! Among all participants we will raffle away a few Neo4j goodie bags! Enjoy this week’s edition of Twin4j. Andreas & Alexander

Digging Into the Pandora Papers Dataset with Neo4j

Pandora Papers
ICIJ’s Pandora Papers, the most gigantic piece of investigative work this year, reveals the financial secrets of many global power players with the help of Neo4j’s graph database. Following the first data release of the investigation, Michael Hunger broke down the full offshoreleaks database in Neo4j to show how graph databases were able to help ICIJ ingest, break down, and analyze the data they uncovered to then report on their findings.

15 Tools for Visualizing Your Neo4j Graph Database

Graph Visualisation
A few years ago, it took significant work to create intuitive graph visualizations. Today, a ton of tools have been developed that make graph viz a cakewalk. Niels de Jong shares 15 of his favorite graph tools, categorized by their functionalities – such as development, exploration, analysis, and reporting.

Importing CSV Files into Neo4j

Import CSV
The easiest format for Neo4j to ingest data is from a CSV. Here’s your one-stop solution to importing CSV files into Neo4j, whether you’re looking for a simple approach for small graphs or a fast approach for when the graphs become large.

Construct a Biomedical Knowledge Graph with NLP

The biomedical field is a prime example where representing the data as a graph makes sense. Here’s how you can combine OCR, named entity linking, relation extraction, and external enrichment databases to construct a biomedical knowledge graph.

Certified Neo4j Professional T-Shirts Are Back!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Want to finally earn that Certified Neo4j Professional Badge? We have you covered and for passing the certification test we will send you a cool looking Neo4j t-shirt. The current Neo4j Certified Professional Exam tests you on Cypher, basic graph data modeling, importing data, and using the multi-database features of Neo4j.