This Week in Neo4j – Best of Graph 2021

Happy New Year 2022! In this week’s episode, we want to take a look back at a few highlights of 2021, featuring our updated Neo4j GraphAcademy, where we constantly add new courses. Check it out! Also, 2021 has been a year with exciting releases:
  • Neo4j 4.4 – The latest release of Neo4j Database was just released in December
  • Neo4j Bloom 2.0 – The power of Graph Visualisation has gotten even better
  • Neo4j AuraDB Free – With AuraDB Free, you now get your very own Graph Database as a Service for free
We are currently conducting our 2021 Neo4j Developer Survey. Please take a few minutes and fill it out! All participants will be entered into a raffle to win a few Neo4j goodie bags! Enjoy this week’s edition of Twin4j. Andreas & Alexander

Introducing the New GraphAcademy

This year, we introduced a new version of Neo4j GraphAcademy, a free, self-paced online training platform. The redesign aims to better align GraphAcademy with our mission to make learning graph database technology effortless, from a new look and feel to shorter lengths of courses with a clear learning path towards certification.

Put Data Modeling on the Table

Data Modeling
Data modeling is out of date. For decades, relational data models have been the standard. But what if normalized relational schema models can’t represent logical entities efficiently? Our community member Shani Cohen breaks down the limits of the relational data model and discusses what the graph data model can do.

Getting Started with Graph Embeddings in Neo4j

Graph Embeddings
The starting point for all machine learning is to turn your data into vectors/embeddings. Clair Sullivan gives you a brief introduction into how you can turn the nodes of a graph into vectors using three methods.

From Text to Knowledge: The Information Extraction Pipeline

Digital Forensics
The combination of natural language processing and knowledge graphs is one of the paths to explainable AI. Tomaz Bratanic shows you how to create a knowledge graph out of a Wikipedia page with an information extraction pipeline that includes coreference resolution, entity linking, and relationship extraction techniques.

Neo4j 4.4 – The Fastest Path to Graph Database Productivity, Generally Available

Digital Forensics
Built on the most trusted, scalable, and secure database for performance and data integrity, Neo4j 4.4 adds massive gain in data processing while reducing memory requirements when importing very large datasets. You’ll also benefit from zero downtime for database upgrades, cloud-native APIs for faster application development without middleware or the use of language drivers, Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide seamless authentication with cloud-based identity providers, and more.