This Week in Neo4j – Data Modeling Best Practices, JHipster and Neo4j, Circular Money Flow, Visualizing a Spring Integration graph

Hi graph gang,

In this week’s video, we have a presentation by Max De Marzi where he shares graph data modeling best practices.

Vladimir Plizga builds a Spring Integration Graph, JHipster now has support for Neo4j, and the CFP for NODES 2020 is now open.

And finally, Vlad Batushkov illustrates the circular money flow of a very simplified financial system using Neo4j.

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This week’s featured community member is John Fleming, Founder & CEO at Kaavio.

John Fleming - This Week’s Featured Community Member

John Fleming – This Week’s Featured Community Member

John Fleming lives in the intersection of finance, technology, and the relationship between humans with technology. He’s also a passionate (surpirse!) graph nerd!

If his name sounds slightly familiar, it may be because he recently presented at Neo4j Connections on Graphs for Impact Analysis in Financial Markets. Sounds cool, right?! If you missed it, lucky for you, the presentations are archived and you can access it here.

We love when users from our community share their stories, and John’s was one of the highly anticipated presentations, so we decided to feature him to show our return love for his contributions to educate the wider graph community.

Thanks, John! We look forward to seeing what more thought-provoking projects you create in the future!

Neo4j Ninjas: Tips & Tricks: Data Modeling Best Practices

This week we released some videos from the Neo4j Ninjas webinar series. Neo4j Ninjas receive early access to these videos in return for answering technical questions on the Neo4j community site.

This week’s video is Max De Marzi’s presentation, in which he shares graph data modeling best practices.

After a quick crash course in the way Neo4j stores and queries data, Max shows how to model data for flights, social networks, forms, and more.

How to visualize a Spring Integration graph with Neo4j?

The Spring Integration Graph is a JSON graph representation of the current state of all enterprise integration pattern components and their relationships.

Vladimir Plizga shows us how to import, query and visualise this graph in Neo4j, with help from APOC and the Neo4j Browser.

JHipster and Neo4j

This week we have several articles around Neo4j and JHipster. JHipster is a Java based development platform to quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures.

Cypher gotchas, CFP for NODES 2020, Getting started with the GRANDstack

    • Rik Van Bruggen created a Neo4j Browser guide for the COVID-19 Contact Tracking demo that he’s been working on over the last month.
    • The CFP for NODES 2020 is now open. NODES 2020 is a free, one-day virtual conference loaded with highly technical presentations, delivered by Neo4j experts from around the world on graph-related topics. Don’t forget to submit your talks. The CFP closes on 3rd August 2020.
    • Stefan Armbruster has written a blog post explaining the difference between writing multiple match clauses and using the comma operator in a Cypher query.
    • Will Lyon has added functionality to deploy to Vercel and Netlify to the GRANDstack starter project. He’s also published a new video to help you get started.

Find Circular Money Flow with Neo4j

In Vlad Batushkov’s latest blog post, he illustrates a type of money laundering activity called “Circular money flow” of a very simplified financial system using Neo4j.

After creating a sample graph using the APOC Graph Generator, Vlad derives a transaction subgraph and then shows how to query it to detect potentially fraudulent activity.

Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet this week was by Jesús Barrasa, whose Neosemantics library has now had 10,000 downloads:

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