This Week in Neo4j – Drawing graphs with, GraphSAGE, Parsing & Importing XML

Hi graphistas,

We’ve only had two weeks of 2021 but it feels a lot longer than that to me! I hope you’re all doing ok whenever you are.

Our video this week is from Will Lyon’s Building A GRANDstack Podcast App live stream.

Antonin Smid continues his exploration of the MET Art Collections, Tomaz Bratanic shows how to use GraphSAGE, and we have a new release of the Neo4j Desktop.

And finally, Alistair Jones and İrfan Nuri Karaca launched, a brand new version of the popular graph drawing tool.

Cheers, Mark and the Developer Relations team

This week’s featured community member is Brandon Campbell.

Brandon Campbell - This Week’s Featured Community Member

Brandon Campbell – This Week’s Featured Community Member

Brandon is a Principal Software Engineer at Northrop Grumman. He describes himself as an engineer & graph architect by day and a hopeless romantic by night, which is a complicated way of saying that he likes to make up stories and colour things.

Brandon has been part of the Neo4j community for a couple of years and presented Ten to Dine: Building Possibility Spaces with Neo4j and ReactJS at the NODES 2019 virtual conference. In this talk he demonstrated how a database becomes a universe using a combination of Neo4j, ReactJS, and the sultry-but-familiar backdrop of a noir murder mystery.

In 2020 Brandon presented Slaying Monsters in the Department of Defense with Graph Analysis at the Neo4j Connections: Graphs in Government event. His talk was so popular that it also featured in the Best of 2020 Sessions as well.

On behalf of the Neo4j community, thanks for your work Brandon

Parsing & Importing XML | Building A GRANDstack Podcast App: Episode 3

Our video this week is from Will Lyon’s Building A GRANDstack Podcast App live stream.

In the latest episode, Will explores how to parse and import XML data into Neo4j as part of a feature to add podcast episodes and playlists to the GraphQL API. You can also read more in Will’s blog post.

Drawing graphs with

Alistair Jones arrows graph drawing tool is the starting point on many people’s graph journey, and now there’s a brand new version –!. improves on the graph drawing features from the original arrows, making it easy to drag nodes around and line them up and apply different styling to your graph. You can also save your graphs to Google Drive and export them in PNG, SVG, JSON, of Cypher format.

Exploring The MET Art Collections with Hume #2

Antonin Smid continued the blog post series showing how to analyse The MET Art Collection, using GraphAware Hume.

In part 2, we use Hume Visualisations to explore tag’s context, create Hume Actions to analyse the donors, and use the Graph Data Science Library to suggest similar paintings.

Neo4j Desktop and Power BI Connector Releases

Using GraphSAGE embeddings for downstream classification model

In Tomaz Bratanic’s latest blog post, he shows how to train the GraphSAGE convolutional graph neural network and integrate it into your machine learning workflow to improve downstream classification model accuracy.

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