This Week in Neo4j: Embeddings, Algorithms, Docker, LangChain and more

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This week features an effective way to improve embeddings, how to work with new algorithms for Directed Acyclic Graphs, a tutorial on how to get started with Neo4j on Docker and an overview of LangChain templates for Neo4j.

Graph beginners find another set of interesting links, including a GraphAcademy Live session on importing CSV Data.

I am happy to see many more Meetups taking place. Last week we met in London as our kick-off to a monthly schedule in 2024! You are always welcome to drop by, if you are near one of our groups. If you have a topic you’d like to hear more about or are interested in organising a meetup where you live, please get in touch!

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    • GRAPHACADEMY: LLM Fundamentals
    • READ: ACID – Explaining Data Consistency
    • WATCH: Importing CSV Data with Neo4j
    • TRY: Neo4j AuraDB Free

    • Karina is a data passionate in the MedTech sector. She is interested in developing AI algorithms to improve the analysis of clinical data, disease management, clinical decision support and medical documentation.
      Connect with her on LinkedIn.

      In her session at NODES ” Graphs Enabling Glycoscience” together with Alexander Jarasch, Karina describes how graphs are used to represent clinically meaningful glycomics data and how Neo4j helps with managing complex biological data collections to help fight cancer.

      Karina Isla-Rios
      EMBEDDINGS: An Extremely Simple but Effective Way to Improve Search over Text Embeddings

      Fanghua presents a simple yet effective method to enhance similarity search in GenAI solutions like RAG, using Neo4j APOC ML procedures, and compares results across major cloud providers without relying on conventional techniques like model fine-tuning or prompt engineering. He includes examples and test results using embeddings from Azure OpenAI, Google VertexAI, and AWS Bedrock
      ALGORITHMS: Unlocking DAGs in Neo4j: From Basics to Critical Path Analysis
      At NODES, we introduced a few enhancements and additions to our Graph Data Science offering. New Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) Algorithms were added: Longest Path and Topological Sort. Pierre Halftermeyer explores the essence of DAGs and their applications and demonstrates their potential through an in-depth analysis of the critical path of a Gantt chart.    

      DOCKER: Simple Graph Database Setup with Neo4j and Docker Compose
      Matthew Ghannoum wrote a tutorial that runs you through the steps necessary to get your Neo4j instance up: Creating the Docker Compose Files, Adding an Environment Variables File for your Password and Running your Neo4j using your Docker Compose file.
      LANGCHAIN: Hosted LangServe + LangChain Templates

      This video showcases a LangChain template from Neo4j: the neo4j-semantic-layer. LangChain shows us how to import the template and turn it into a web service with LangServe, then uses Hosted LangServe to deploy it and LangSmith for app observability. It introduces a general workflow that can be used with any LangServe template.

      TWEET OF THE WEEK: Tomaz Bratanic

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